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Post  Scibor on Sun Sep 14, 2008 2:07 am

Those of you from my previous forum...well most of you, are familiar with what this is all about. But the new forum is a little more than conversation and indeed a lot of what was suggested in the previous one has been made a reality. Of course only about 3 things were suggested so you can't argue with me in saying that a lot can be accounted for by 2 of those 3 things being made a reality.

Most of you are familiar with the rules. As of right now, the entire forum is available to everyone. I still haven't put up the categories and so forth so there isn't much to do...yet.

The first nice little thing you may notice is the media player up on top on the right-hand side, underneath those little statistics and the calender. Let me explain something really quick before you say something stupid. It only has one song, and on Sept. 13 at 12:56 PM, that song was "The Traveller". It is subject to change! I plan to put up a suggested playlist topic, though I don't think the entire playlist will be easy to make. Long story short, every few days there will be different songs, and if I figure out how, a playlist will slowly build up. As of right now, only one song is available at a time. If you don't like it, you don't need to play it. The song is more for leisure anyway, I mean you couldn't expect that it will continue playing while you scan the forum. But if you're using Mozilla Firefox or IE 7, you can open new tabs, so the music needs not be interrupted. If you don't like the song, don't play it.

The second thing is the Arcade. What exactly is the arcade? Well essentially it is a compilation of a bunch of online games I found, definitely to be expanded upon in the coming weeks. Again, there will be room for suggestions. At the time, posts cannot be placed in the arcade. I have no need of clever geeks tampering with something that is essentially a pretty good idea. At the time, any suggestions can be sent to me via PM, but soon enough there will be a suggestions forum altogether.

The third thing that I've incorporated is points. Notice that next to each of your posts is your user name, avatar and so on. There is also a bar indicating how many points you have. What exactly is this for? It's for me, and if you remember Quality Posts, then maybe you'll understand that this makes my life easier. What do points do? At the time nothing, but in the future there may be some updates. For now you can have the satisfaction of having a bar that is or is not grander than the bar of someone else.

The fourth thing added is a chatbox. Where is it? It's at the bottom of the homepage. It's kind of laggy, but I plan to make a new one soon, hopefully a better one. Still, it's useful for some conversations if you're bored.

Moving on. The board is kind of unusual, and still quite disorganized. Just give me some time. When it's done, I'm sure you can agree it will look nice. For the time being, enjoy it.

EDIT: Okay, now time for the second part of the introduction. Well actually, I will just attempt to affiliate you with all the previously accessible material that was found on the forum. First off the ranks are still in, if you want to know what they look like, here is the outline:

Fresh Recruit 0 Posts
Newcomer 30 Posts
Novice 100 Posts
Apprehender 200 Posts
Expert 350 Posts
Master 600 Posts
Archmaster 1000 Posts
Pursuer of Perfection 1500 Posts
Scholar 2000 Posts

In posting a message you also may notice all the nice tools along the top of the box. These include Bold,Italicize, Underline and so forth. If you don't know how to use them, it really is quite simple. You click on one of the actions, such a B once, type your text, then click the B a second time. There are also some things that you ought to be familiar with from MS Word. Other things, such as putting up a video, an image or a flash feature, are also located up there. You can press that final icon (the one with the two A's) to see what your message will look like with all things applied.

The same rules apply as ever on a forum, try not to break them.

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